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Thank you for visiting my website. I'm a FUJIFILM X-series use freelance photographer specializes in portrait such as wedding, family, travel, anniversaries and so on. My photo style is candid, natural, and calm. 

If you interested my photos, please check portfolios on "photos" page in menu. Hope you'll like these and couls help you to understanding my shooting style.

Due to I'm doing my business alone and also a mother of two sons, it's difficult to having everything like a big photo studio with a lot of stuff, but I can do flexibly.

Born in 1985 in a small port town in northern Hokkaido

age 18 - Left hometown and went to university in Beijing, China

age 22 - Came back to Japan and started working in Tokyo

age 23 - After working at a photo studio, studied wedding photography under a freelance photographer

age 25 - Became a photographer at a wedding company in Tokyo

age 26 - Got married and moved to Sapporo

age 27 - Started working in a photo studio in Sapporo​

age 35 - Got a driver's license and started my own business​

I am a mother of two sons.  I like traveling, watching movies, and reading Japanese comics.

I speak Japanese, English and Chinese (Mandarin).

"73" in 73 PHOTOGRAPHY is a pun for my name "Nami" in Japanese.

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