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This is an important notes before making reservation.

Shooting style

  • I usually shooting alone without hiring an assistant and hairstyling and makeup artist, but I will find and arrange for you as needed. I don't have multiple staff though, it is possible to be flexibly. I hope you would have fun taking photos with me, Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

  • 30% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes 7 to 2 day prior to your scheduled arrival date.

  • 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes on your scheduled arrival date or No show.

About Newborn shooting

  • I take newborn babies without touching and making poses, such as taking everyday life and natural appearances.

  • Please ask an experienced photographer with specialized knowledge for photos of prone and elbow poses for shooting, and bagworm poses wrapped tightly with swaddles.

Confirmation before shooting

  • I will contact you for confirmation by two days before the scheduled shooting date. If you are shooting at our studio, I will contact you with your address. If you don't get any contact from me, please tell me.


  • Please pay in cash on the day.

  • Due to some happening, I couldn't take enough number of cuts, such as poor physical condition during shooting or difficulty in your child's mood, we would appreciate it if you could consult with us each time. We would like to respond depending on the situation, such as re-shooting on different days, sandwiching meals, moving places, etc.


  • I will deliver all the edited photo data in download format within 5-7days.

  • Albums will take about a month, It'll needs delivery fee in additional for international that depends on the weight and delivery area. And also please note that domestic shipping will be cash on delivery.


  • In the happens of data corruption, loss, theft, accident, etc, I will provide refund compensation up to the shooting fee.



                  Thanks you.

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