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​Those are for everything wedding, family and so on. It'll needs delivery fee in additional for internatinal that depends on the weight and delivery area. And also please note that domestic shipping will be cash on delivery.


 S size 216×216mm       JPY 20,000

 size 266×266mm JPY 23,000

  • 9 photos

  • With a slide case

  • Use the image cut of the day for the light background inside (not included in the number of cuts)

  • You can change the color of the cover ribbon to your favorite one

  • Your name will be printed on the white part of the cover


 S siz148×189.5mm /16 photos (1 photo for a box)

 JPY 23,000

 M size 232×297mm /  24 photos (1 photo for a box)

 JPY 35,000

  • A compact and luxurious paper book

  • recommended for bridal​​

  • Your name will be printed on the painted part of the box and cover


 A3 size month flip type 13 photos used

 JPY 11,000

 A3 size 2 months flip type 7 photos used

 JPY 9,000  

  • ​​You can choose from two types: January start and April start

  • A4 size is also available for -1,000 yen

  • Recommended as a gift for grand parents

Life size

 305×305mm JPY 26,000

  • Suitable for heights up to 90cm

  • 7 photos

  • With a slide case​

  • It's available to add information such as name, height, age, etc.

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