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Bridal photos

It's a simple plan for shooting only. You may try or bring your own hair makeup artist and so on. I can provide a place to prepare on weekdays. If you need makeup artist, I know some great artist who I really recommend.


Outdoor Pre-Shooting

 JPY 39,000

 1dress/90 mins/100 photos/Sapporo 

  • Additional location JPY 23,000 / additional 100 photos

  • dress rental JPY 5,000

  • ​winter price JPY 17,000

  • Transportation JPY 18,000

  • I'll charge parking fee, entrance fee for some facilities depends on the location


おうちスタジオ 結婚写真

Describe what you offer here. Add a few choice words and a stunning pic to engage your audience and get them to click. 

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Home studio Pre-Shooting

 JPY 30,000 1dress/60 mins/50 photos

 JPY 43,000 2 dresses/120 mins/100 photos

  • dress rental JPY 3,000

Outdoor and Home Studio

 JPY 63,000 

 1or 2 dresses/180 mins (excluded transport time)/

     150 photos

  • Bouquets, accessories,veils, boutonnieres and a pocket chief are free to usemy personal belongings. >photos

  • I ask you to bring your own costumes for groom.

  • Please contact me if you need makeup artist.

About outdoor pre-shooting

  • We basically meet at the shooting location. If you would like to pick up and drop off, I'll charge 18,000 additional.

  • If you rent a dress, I can provide a place to prepare only on weekdays.

  • You can set the backup day if you worry about the weather with JPY 12,000 per stuff additional, and it You can also change from the location to your home studio.

  • I'll charge facility entrance fees and parking lot fees (for you and the photographer) in additional.

  • Ishikari, Ebetsu are JPY3,500. Otaru, Kita hiroshima are 6,000JPY. Please contact us for other areas. As a guideline for free within 20km from your home, I'll charge 3,500JPY for the Jozankei area and southren area from Sapporo Art Park even in the city. Furano, Biei are 30,000JPY in addition.

  • From November to March, I only accept in Sapporo and Otaru areas (within an hour's drive).

About home studio

  • Available 10: 00-16: 00 on weekdays.

  • Please check the sample photos as the studio is on the second floor of my house and it  will be a limited space.

  • There is a parking space in front of the house.

  • I set up backdrops in the living room where our family usually lives. There are restroom, kitchens, children's toys, picture books, and DVDs right next to them, so you can change clothes, breastfeed children, prepare milk, and play if they need. I hope you can come comfortably as if you were going to a friend's house.

  • I accept outdoor shooting with pets.

  • There is a possibility that someone ring the bell during shooting. We will do our best not to interfere with the shooting, but we would appreciate it if you could understand it as one of the possibilities.

  • The address will be notified at least 2 days before the shooting date. It is located between Motomachi Station on the Sapporo City Toho Line and Kitan24jyo Station on the Namboku Line. The bus stop for the city center is also nearby, and it is an area with many parks.

Shooting-Delivery flow

Determination of shooting location

Contact form

If you don't get any response in 48 hours, it might something wrong. Please try to contact in other way. Thanks.

Deciding outfits, belongings, etc.
​ (meeting)

Check the necessary items such as costumes and belongings. If you would like to have a meeting by zoom or video call, I'd love to!

Shooting confirmation​ Tell my address

I will inform you of the shooting confirmation and the address of home studio at least 2 days before the shooting date.

The day of shooting

Let's have fun shooting!

Please pay in cash.

Delivery photos

I will deliver all the edited photo data in download format within 5-7days. 

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