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Outdoor shooting

I'll visit your home, hotel, park and anywhere you want. I have a lot of recommendation for each occasion.

Repeater discount is -2,000JPY.


Plan S

 JPY 23,000  60 mins/75 photos

  • Extend 30 mins charge JPY5,000 in addition.

  • 1 location

Plan L

 JPY 39,000 180 mins/230 photos​ 

  • It is possible to move the location.

  • Shooting at the shrine needs approval before. 

  • Shooting time includes changing location.

Transport charges

  • Free in Sapporo city (excluding some)

  • Ishikari, Ebetsu are JPY3,500. Otaru, Kita hiroshima are 6,000JPY. Please contact us for other areas. As a guideline for free within 20km from your home, I'll charge 3,500JPY for the Jozankei area and southren area from Sapporo Art Park even in the city. Furano, Biei are 30,000JPY in addition.

  • Please bear the actual cost of the entrance fee, application fee, and parking fee (for yourself and the photographer) required for shooting.

  • From November to March, I only accept in Sapporo and Otaru areas (within an hour's drive).

About shooting at shrines

~For travelers~

  • Shrines are sacred place as Shinto religion. Most of case is not approval for shooting with hiring professional photographers without prayer, and I respect about this. 

~For people willing to celebrate 753 and other Japanese anniversary~

  • Shooting at the shrine needs pray at the inside of as Japanese traditional anniversary and needs approval before. 

  • At Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, we'll get permission to shoot on the day of prayer. You will be given a form when you apply for prayer, so the photographer will go to apply with that form after the meeting.

  • Shooting is done according to the rules at the shrine so as not to bother other people, so it may be difficult to shoot all requests.

Shooting-Delivery flow


Contact form

​ If you don't get any response in 48 hours, it might something wrong. Please try to contact in other way. Thanks.

Deciding location

Deciding the shooting location and make inquiries or applications to the facility as necessary.

Shooting confirmation
​ Tell my address

I will inform you of the shooting confirmation and the address if you use the home studio at least 2 days before the shooting date.

The day of shooting

Let's have fun shooting!

I only take cash.

Delivery photos

I will deliver all the edited photo data in download format within 5-7days. 

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