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Home studio

Limited to 2 groups a day, only from 10 to 16 o'clock on weekdays. Use natural light and strobes depending on the situation. 


Home studio plan

 JPY 20,000 60 mins/50 photos

  • Extend 30 mins charge JPY5,000 in addition.

  • It’s OK to change clothes in time

Home studio &
Neighborhood photo shooting

 JPY 30,000 90 mins/100 photos

  • Neighborhood location → The park nearby, Mikaho Park, Daigakumura no Mori

  • If you want other locations, add JPY3,500 90 minutes excluding to changing the location time.


     *The image is not a neighborhood location, it is Maeda Forest Park

About Home Studio

  • It's available 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

  • The studio is on the second floor and limited space of my home.

  • There is a parking space in front of the house.

  • I set up backdrops in the living room where our family usually lives. There are restroom, kitchens, children's toys, picture books, and DVDs right next to them, so you can change clothes, breastfeed children, prepare milk, and play if they need. I hope you can come comfortably as if you were going to a friend's house.

  • I accept outdoor shooting with pets.

  • There is a possibility that someone will ring the intercom during shooting. We will do our best not to interfere with the shooting, but we would appreciate it if you could understand it as one of the possibilities.

  • The address will be notified at least 2 days before the shooting date. It is located between Motomachi Station on the Sapporo City Toho Line and Kitan24jyo Station on the Namboku Line. The bus stop for the city center is also nearby, and it is an area with many parks.

Shooting-Delivery flow


Contact form

​ If you don't get any response in 48 hours, it might something wrong. Please try to contact in other way. Thanks.

Shooting confirmation
​ Tell my address

I will inform you of the shooting confirmation and the address of home studio at least 2 days before the shooting date.

The day of shooting

Let's have fun shooting!

I only take cash.

Delivery photos

I will deliver all the edited photo data in download format within 5-7days. 

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